Harald Keller is a Berlin based Photojournalist and Photographer. After his MA in Comparative Religions and Indology, he explored intensely South- and Southeast Asia.


In Lebanon, Kashmir and Libya he covered War zones, in central Africa he worked together with Constantin Schreiber about the dramatic situation of Lake Chad and in Rajasthan he portrayed the support of the German Government restaurating old structures of Mehrangarh Fort of the Maharao of Jodhpur.

At present he is working on specific religious movements in India.


His focus is human interaction in a growing complex world, diverse cultures, religions and humanism.


MA in Comparative Religions and Indology

1995-1997 Cultural Management in the „House of World Cultures“ Berlin

1995-2010 Tour Director for South- and Southeast Asia, Near East for „ZEIT“, STUDIOSUS, WINDROSE

2001 Kumbha Mela Allahabad

2003 Burma „Hermits“

2004 Indian Wrestler

2006 Lebanon/Israel War

2007 „Cambodia and Angkor“

2008 India „Rajasthan“

2008 South India

2009 Cambodia „Pig Slaughter“

2009 Chad - „Lake Chad“2010 India - „Kumbha Mela“ Haridwar

2010 Exhibition "Tschad - Ein bedrohter Lebensraum“ Foreign Office, Berlin/Germany


2010 „Civil War in Kashmir“

2011 Exhibition in N`Djamena, Tschad, Zentralafrika through German Embassy/Alliance Francais.

2012 Tango Argentino Photo projects

2013-2015 Project "Nine Lives"

2016 Stern Publikation: http://www.stern.de/fotografie/viewfotocommunity/fotografen/view-fotocommunity--unterwegs-mit-harald-keller-in-kriegsgebieten-6789650.html

2016/17 Portrait Series, Dance

2018 Architecture and Landscape Photography for Hasst Plattner Institut

Project Mathura Krishna devotion 

Project Jainas on the holy mountain of Shatrunjaya.

Publications in Matrika (USA), Geo, Stern, Szabad Gondolat Magazin (Ungarn), Spiegel online, TV Today, Gala, BILD etc.

© 2017 by Harald Keller